I try to keep our pricing low. This for for you and for me. You want a low price (I expect) and I want to work for you.

Business Logo – £50 + VAT

Pricing for a business logo would be £50 + VAT, this is colour logo hand drawn with character. If you would like a more polished look, with crisp edges that looks like all of the other logos out there then please contact a graphic designer. They will make one for you on a computer.

Inset for Book – £100 +VAT

Pricing  for an inset for a book will be £100 + VAT this will consist of a A5 or similar sized drawing in black and white or colour. You can choose whatever colours you like. Grey scale is also an option.

Page Fill Background – £200 + VAT

If you require an entire two page spread for a children book etc. with gaps for text etc, then this necessitates quite a large drawing which can be time consuming, pricing reflects this.  These would be A4 size, which would maintain good resolution when stretching to fill a two page spread.

Editing & Revisions – £TBC + VAT

To recolour a picture is generally free the first time £10 thereafter. To alter a picture substantially would effectively require starting from scratch, pricing for revisions is therefore similar to initial costs.

Pricing for Job Lots

Of course if you have a whole book to illustrate, then we would be glad to discuss a discount for multiple illustrations. Please Contact Us to find out more.

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