Thank you for taking the time to look at my website. My name is Will Thorpe and I live in Devon.

You can hire me to draw some illustrations for your publication, whether it is a website, blog, ebook or a “proper” book. If you would like to view our pricing then please go ahead.

Japanese Mountains with Dots
Japanese Mountains

All my drawings are hand drawn, and we can choose a colour pallet to suit your publication, I prefer a vibrant . . .or verdant modern colour pallet as I feel its suits the style of my drawing but you can choose otherwise. Greyscale can even look quite cool, and will save printing costs.

I have included a selection of my work, which varies between single objects and insets. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or require job lot prices etc.

Kiwi Slice V1

Ocean Plastic Gifts 


I try to keep our pricing low. This for for you and for me. You want a low price (I expect) and I want to work for you.

Business Logo – £50 + VAT

Pricing for a business logo would be £50 + VAT, this is colour logo hand drawn with character. If you would like a more polished look, with crisp edges that looks like all of the other logos out there then please contact a graphic designer. They will make one for you on a computer.

Inset for Book – £100 +VAT

Pricing  for an inset for a book will be £100 + VAT this will consist of a A5 or similar sized drawing in black and white or colour. You can choose whatever colours you like. Grey scale is also an option.

Page Fill Background – £200 + VAT

If you require an entire two page spread for a children book etc. with gaps for text etc, then this necessitates quite a large drawing which can be time consuming, pricing reflects this.  These would be A4 size, which would maintain good resolution when stretching to fill a two page spread.

Editing & Revisions – £TBC + VAT

To recolour a picture is generally free the first time £10 thereafter. To alter a picture substantially would effectively require starting from scratch, pricing for revisions is therefore similar to initial costs.

Pricing for Job Lots

Of course if you have a whole book to illustrate, then we would be glad to discuss a discount for multiple illustrations. Please Contact Us to find out more.

Mk1 Dynamite Hotdog


This is the tricky part. I am happy to oblige what ever legal requirements you might have, or at the lower end of the scale send you an email stating that you are free to use the images. The only thing we would require is that if the images go in a book that my name is in there somewhere. . . it’s good advertising.

Of course if you already lined up with a publisher they will likely have some very fixed ideas regarding usage and delivery.

If there are to be legal wrangling then we may charge some time for this as it is far far less enjoyable than drawing!

In terms of turnaround times, it could be just a few hours to a few weeks depending on the order, but if I am anything at all then it is hard working, so you’ve lucked out in that respect!

The Icing on the Cake


We would love to talk about your requirements. Please get in touch by email. If you have an idea of what you would like (example picture or logo), that you would like to contact us about then please send it over. If it’s not my style, I can recommend someone else.

Will – 07717 287 619 or rollingreenhills@gmail.com

Perhaps text me to say you have emailed, as it may go to spam because of attachments.

Banana Phone