What Pheasants Eat

A new gimmick one page website, called whatpheasantseat.com has just launched containing quick sketches from illustrator-devon.net.  The truth is pheasants will eat anything, and this can result in some morbid viewing (if you care to watch).

A chirpy looking pheasant with yellow feet and beak, and characteristic feather rearward quiff
dark cartoon gravestone with skeleton hand poking up some flowers in the foreground colour as muted as if at night
Dark cartoon gravestone with skeleton hand poking up

If you are wondering why the site include an illustration of a gravestone, it is because pheasant eat dead stuff, such as carion.  Enjoy your dinner!


Man and Dog

An illustration of a man and his dog approaching a gateway with the gate post visible to left of picture. I find it hard to draw hands and legs, and other body parts, so I didn’t put them in this picture. I don’t really like the colour of the hat. But its hard to do tweed!

Man and Dog

Perspective and or Depth

I am obsessed with perspective. When you look at a picture, and it has depth, even though you know it is flat. If the picture has greenery then so much the better. There is an artist from the 1920’s called Kolman Moser, who is very good at this. Me on the other hand I can only attempt a crude approximation. .

Trying to Create Depth in a Picture

With more care and better use of colour I think perhaps the above, might make for a good mural painting which might make a room seam bigger than it actually is.

Mars Exploration Illustration

An Illustration of Mars Exploration:  I recently answered a question on a Quora regarding a one way ticket to mars. . . . as a Mars Human Guinea Pig. It was an interesting question. I wanted to make the answer a good one and get a back link for this site. I drew the below mars based illustration, to embelish my answer.

Martian Cartoon
What would it be like to take a one way trip to mars?

In the film the “The Martin” we see the main guy running around working hard on survival and coming home. But what if you weren’t coming home?