Guerrilla Trees Logo

Illustrator Devon have recently drawn this logo for the website a a result of our being engaged as illustrators for the project.

Logo for Guerrilla Trees Website is a charitable enterprise looking to address some of global warming impacts by guerrilla tree planting across the UK.

The charity (not registered yet) distributes fast growing trees to people with an interest in planting them.

But why are they called guerrilla trees? Well because those engaging in clandestine tree planting might no always have permission of the land owner!

What Pheasants Eat

A new gimmick one page website, called has just launched containing quick sketches from  The truth is pheasants will eat anything, and this can result in some morbid viewing (if you care to watch).

A chirpy looking pheasant with yellow feet and beak, and characteristic feather rearward quiff
dark cartoon gravestone with skeleton hand poking up some flowers in the foreground colour as muted as if at night
Dark cartoon gravestone with skeleton hand poking up

If you are wondering why the site include an illustration of a gravestone, it is because pheasant eat dead stuff, such as carion.  Enjoy your dinner!